XXXtentacion's Final Musical Chapter: Exploring His Last Album Before Tragedy Struck

Key Points:

  1. XXXTentacion's posthumous legacy includes three albums and collaborations that extend his influence beyond his untimely demise.
  2. Controversies surrounding domestic violence charges and Spotify bans added layers to the artist's narrative.
  3. "Bad Vibes Forever," the final posthumous release, drew attention for its diverse features and commercial undertones.


Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, widely recognized as XXXTentacion, embarked on his musical odyssey with a debut on SoundCloud in 2014. This marked the genesis of a captivating blend of punk and hip-hop, accompanied by a burgeoning YouTube channel. In 2017, the luminary released his inaugural studio album, "2017," followed by the acclaimed "?" in 2018. Tragically, his life was cut short in a South Florida shooting at the age of 20.

Posthumous Prolificacy

Remarkably, XXXTentacion's creative endeavors persisted posthumously. Following his demise in 2018, three posthumous albums surfaced, augmenting his discography. Noteworthy collaborations included Trippie Redd's "Ghost Busters" and Lil Wayne's "Don't Cry." Within a year of his passing, the inaugural posthumous album, "Skins," emerged, while another release surfaced under the Florida-based Members Only collective, a testament to the late rapper's enduring influence.

A Controversial Legacy

Despite the success of his album "?," which secured the pinnacle of the Billboard 200 chart, XXXTentacion found himself entangled in controversy. Legal proceedings loomed, stemming from charges related to domestic violence during his teenage years. The music streaming giant Spotify even implemented a ban on his catalog under a "hateful conduct" policy. The artist's prophetic musings on his demise, coupled with a posthumous single, "Sad!," added an eerie dimension to his legacy.


The Culmination: "Bad Vibes Forever"

The final chapter in XXXTentacion's posthumous narrative unfolded with "Bad Vibes Forever," masterfully curated under the executive production of his mother, Cleopatra Bernard. Solomon Sobande, the late rapper's manager, described the project as a fusion of his initial works, "17" and "?". Laden with contributions from Blink-182, Mavado, Lil Nas X, and even featuring his ex-girlfriend, the album sparked debates on its authenticity, with critics deeming it a tribute to the brand rather than the artistry.

Critique and Reflection

As "Bad Vibes Forever" entered the musical arena, critiques emerged regarding its perceived commercial motivation. The release of associated merchandise further fueled speculation. Despite collaborations with esteemed artists like Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, Pitchfork contended that the album's diverse features diluted its coherence, assigning it a modest 3.5 score. The project, it argued, served more as a monument to XXXTentacion's brand than a true artistic expression.

In Retrospect

XXXtentacion's posthumous journey, marred by controversy and adorned with creative feats, reflects the complexity of his legacy. As listeners navigate the myriad releases, the enigma of an artist who departed prematurely persists, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary music.

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